General Ledger

A flexible general ledger module has been incorporated into the system to provide financial statement reporting through automatic journal posting of investment activity and market valuation.

This module simplifies the investment accounting requirement by providing single entity and consolidated financial accounting statements such as trial balance, income statement, and flow of funds reporting.

A flexible charts-of-account cross-reference table is also available for interfacing to third party accounting system.

The module generates and posts dual-entry journal transactions for each aspect of investment entries and includes descriptive detail of each investment related transaction. Options for manual journal posting of accruals are also included.

  • An extensive chart of accounts includes:
  • Amortisation/Accretion of fixed income
  • Purchase/Disposal of Investment Asset
  • Payables/Receivables
  • Accrue Interest/Income of Investments
  • Accrue of liabilities and expenses
  • Capital injection/Withdrawal
  • Currency gain/loss and revaluation
  • Cash flow and balances

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