Equity Module

  • Allow investment in unit trusts, quoted and unquote shares
  • Allow investment in multiple exchanges and currencies
  • Track and record purchase, Contra, Pledge, Withdraw, Bonus, Rights, Split and consolidation of shares
  • Flexible setting of Tables for calculating Brokerage, Clearance and Stamp Duty charges
  • Provide information on allocation of business to brokers
  • Provide reports on brokers’ receivable and payable
  • Auto monitoring of due dates
  • Settlement for receivable, payable and cash reconciliation
  • Automatically accrue and track dividend receivable
  • Comprehensive reports and enquiry capabilities
  • Auto end of day closing price update
  • Includes corporate actions like bonus, rights, and dividend announcement
  • Provide information on issued shares, paid-up and par-value of quoted shares
  • Includes indices like KLCI, KL2ND, KLEMAS and others

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