Portfolio Management System for Asset Management

OzAsia Portfolio Management System for Asset Management comprises of Portfolio Management, Investment Accounting and Reporting. It provides solutions and services for companies who manage financial assets on behalf of their customers globally. Our system handles a vast array of functions and operations, work flow formats, and market segments, to enable fund managers and operations managers to manage private and institutional wealth worth billions.

We have an exceptional Client Base comprising of many leading asset managers. Our technical and business experts design, develop, implement and support a range of proven and reliable products supporting both Investment and Operations processes.

In a nutshell, our system spells cost and time effectiveness.

Features and value-add we provide vis-à-vis other systems:


  • We understand that our clients use specific working methods throughout the investment process. Our System is thus designed to integrate with the external or internal systems you need.
  • We accept and encourage customer-specific enhancements.
  • Using generic file-based import/export mechanisms, we can customize interfaces to external data sources.
  • Flexibility of the application – entries made in error can be quickly and easily rectifiable.


  • We offer prompt technical support from our team, which is available locally and within your vicinity.
  • We employ web-based technology to improve information distribution.


  • OzAsia provides Stock Exchange supporting data required by the system as part of our total solution, whereas other systems might have to depend on third parties sources for data.
  • In OzAsia, we use our own in-house database together with freeware database. You do not need extra licensing fees for third party database or professional administrator to maintain the system. It has built-in housekeeping features to ensure optimum efficiency within the database.
  • Our supportability is greatly enhanced by our ability to store historical data indefinitely. Even with more than 10 years of historical data, the performance and response time of the system is not compromised. Users can easily access to all historical data without needing to restore previous historical backups.

User friendliness

  • We regard users’ interest highly in the development of the system. With user-friendly interfaces, we are always mindful about the ease of use and access. We are conscious about making accessibility to the system equally easy for both the operational staff as well as the management, who may not be accustomed with day-to-day operations of the system. A case in point is how one do not need to retrieve or memorise codes to access the system.


  • Our systems are also careful to cater for security features to comply with audit requirements.
  • We use the recommended method of calculation by Global Investment Performance Standard. We use the daily method of calculating TWRR (adjusting cash flow daily), while most other systems use the monthly average method.
  • OzAsia users currently have the options to output all their reports either through the printer or output into Excel spreadsheet. In our new versions, users can look forward to having an additional option to send all reports directly to their customers via email.
  • Updates within OzAsia system are “Real Time”. All entries by the users are immediately captured and updated into the database. Enquiries and reports always show the most up to date information.