Company Profile

Our core function is in the development of computer application software for Financial, Stock Broking and Investment Industries. We have marketed Portfolio Management System (PMS) for Asset Management, Share Margin System (SMS) and Employee Share Option Scheme System (ESOS) since 1993. OzAsia was first incorporated in Australia and subsequently moved to Malaysia and Singapore to stay robust and closer to the region’s needs.

Since inception, we are recognised and valued by our established clients for providing efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our solution is packed at such affordable rate that our high profile clients find it hard to believe that they are investing in such great value!

Designing software with the regional / Southeast Asian context in mind is our specialisation. We thus boost the ability to provide reliable support and services with all the experts based in your region.

Our solutions are tailored thus ever effective to match our clients’ high expectations and demands. We believe in providing a total solution, which include not just the software but an on‑going partnership in fulfilling your objective. We do not believe in telling our clients “The system cannot do this”.

Our commitment to constantly adapt our system in response to our client’s unique needs, and develop new features and products to supplement the requirements of the evolving financial market, enable us to create a holistic and complete solution for all your requirements in the financial and investment industry.